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AmericaView's outreach mission involves all aspects of our work. We define outreach as raising awareness of the many beneficial civilian uses of remote sensing technology in service to society. Given this broad definition, outreach involves education, training, and professional development, applied research, and our data archive and distribution missions - outreach is the mission of communicating what we do, how we do it, and why it is necessary. 

Three StateView Directors provide information about the societal values of Landsat imagery to a congressional staff.Our outreach mission focuses on providing an organized, consistent message about AmericaView. We develop fact sheets that describe the StateView's key applications, education projects, and data archives. Outreach also means talking with our Congressional representatives about our work, particularly our leveraged work with our state partners. We believe that we have an obligation to let our representatives know what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how it affects their constituents. Our scientists are experts in the uses of remote sensing and related technologies within their states, thus we visit with our representatives on an annual basis during our Winter Business meeting in Washington, DC to explain the AmericaView mission and highlight how we're leveraging resources to most effectively address critical state needs, such as environmental research, STEM education, and disaster response.

Fact sheets are short descriptions and associated images of key state projects and explain, in non-technical terms, one or two critical applications of each StateView partner. Fact sheets are updated on an ongoing basis to cover contemporary issues of interest to each state's partners, potential partners, and Congressional representatives.  Please feel free to contact the StateView lead institution and project lead investigator for more information. 

Download the AV State Level Landsat Fact Sheets (a .zip file containing Landsat related fact sheets from Arkansas, Kansas (2), Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana (6), Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming (2) |  ~ 38 mb)

Download the AV National Level Fact Sheets (a .zip file containing summary briefings about the AmericaView program  |   <1 mb)

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Applied Research

AmericaView Briefs 

NASA / USGS Landsat Applications

The U.S. Geological Survey Land Remote Sensing Program works closely with AmericaView on a variety of projects, many of which involve Landsat and the Landsat Data Continuity Mission.  

  • Landsat Mission Headlines - 2010 updates on the Landsat Mission, including meetings and conference, technical briefings, and data processing notes
  • Landsat MIssion Headlines - 2011 updates on the Landsat Mission, including meetings and conference, technical briefings, and data processing notes
  • Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center - Located at the EROS Data Center in Sioux Fall, SD, the Land Processes DAAC is USGS - NASA partnership and discipline-specific data center within the NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS)
  • RSS feed for recent terrain-corrected Landsat imagery
  • RSS feed for recent Latest Landsat 7 scenes

StateView Directors and Coordinators may visit their Congressional Representatives from time to time to update them on programs and projects in their respective states. Visits typically occur during our annual Winter Business Meeting in March in Washington, DC. We deliver fact sheets, discuss projects of interest to the Representatives, and answer questions about civilian applications of public domain data used by our partners and the state's farmers, ranchers, foresters, wildlife managers, and others who use Landsat and other freely available federal and state data and related remote sensing resources.