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Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is the entry level mechanism through which an interested institution or developing state consortia may begin participating in AmericaView. Affiliate membership carries no annual funding benefits, although Affiliates are entitled to a variety of other privileges and benefits, and agree to participate in various activities and to support the goals of AmericaView in their states. All StateView consortia must be an Affiliate Member before applying for Full Membership.

What Are the Benefits of Affiliate Membership?

As an affiliate, state consortia have access to AmericaView partner data discounts and the right to participate in any other discounts that AV may secure for members. Additionally, AmericaView is a national consortium whose members have access to the resources and expertise of all participants. This could mean data sharing between states and/or sharing of programming code, applications, educational resources, and grant opportunities. Affiliates also have access to our outreach resources, and receive timely - and often advance - notice of changes in national policy directives affecting the geospatial community.

New affiliate consortia are accepted throughout the year. Completed applications are reviewed by committee, and committee recommendations are then placed before the voting membership for decision by majority vote.

For more information about Affiliate Membership, please review the "Application for Affiliate Membership". Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Affiliate Application Instructions Form
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Associate Membership

Associate Membership is granted to those consortia that have been approved for full membership but are awaiting receipt of annual base funding. With the exception of annual base funding provisions, associate members receive all rights, privileges, and responsibilities of full membership.

Full Membership


Full Members have full voting privileges, and receive base funding from AmericaView in the form of annual grants. Grants are annually renewable, contingent upon satisfactory performance. State consortia that have been Affiliates of AmericaView for one year may apply for Full Membership through an annual request for proposal opportunity. State consortia with successful proposals are granted Full Membership if funding is available. Affliate Members are moved to Full Membership status in order of being added to the queue, and as additional baseline funding becomes available.